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I am the "D" in DLTK's Sites. One of my favourite things is helping my wife to share all her amazingly creative ideas with our viewers. When I am not working on the sites I like to try new restaurants with my family, play golf or hockey and attend Calgary Flames hockey games.
Website: http://www.dltk-kids.com
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Father’s Day Reflections…

Golfing at Waterton Hello DLTK viewers.  I don’t very often write blog posts for our sites but I am feeling particularly inspired today.  I am the ‘D’ in DLTK and usually provide technical support for Leanne as she works to materialize her ideas into the marvelous activities you find on our sites. The reason for my inspiration is […] Continue reading →

Halloween Scarecrow Pumpkin Carving

Leanne has been designing pumpkin carving patterns for the site and I have been carving them for over a decade now.  This year is no exception and I have decided to tackle a new pattern, the scarecrow. Before diving into my pumpkin I like to gather the required tools.  I print the pattern that I have chosen from […] Continue reading →

Feeling Thankful

The leaves are turning, temperatures are falling and it really feels like autumn here in southern Alberta.  The Canadian Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner and autumn is one of my favourite times of the year.  Maybe it is because my birthday is in September or because of all the colourful foliage.  It could be because I […] Continue reading →