Random Thought: Sunny Sunny Sunflowers!

Sunflowers are such a cool plant. When they are in bud, they turn to follow the sun (they keep their little buds facing the sun all day long… it’s really neat to check on them throughout the day to see them turning). When the sunflowers bloom, they stop swiveling but if you see a group of blooming sunflowers, you’ll notice they’re all facing the exact same way — usually east if they’re out in the open. This is mildly amusing when you notice it in the garden, but it’s absolutely amazing if you see an entire field full of commercially grown sunflowers all standing cheerfully with their faces pointed the exact same direction!

sunflowersWhen we were in France one summer, we spotted a field like this… then another and then another. Apparently they grow a LOT of sunflowers in the central-southern areas of France. I found this to be a strangely odd thing, since sunflowers come from Central America — but I guess it’s just one of many things that have crossed oceans to become crops in new locations.

You are my sunshine craft

Sun and sunflower photo craft.

With summer coming to a close, sunflower crafts have always been some of my favourite ones to make. I’m a big softy… the “You Are My Sunshine” Sun and Sunflower Photo Craft is still one of the ones I remember fondly.

Sunny the Sunflower Craft

Sunny the Sunflower Craft




More sunflower crafts are available in our sunflower section at http://www.dltk-holidays.com/fall/crafts-sunflowers.htm


All photos © Darren Guenther, used with permission.
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