Random Thought: He Sure Showed Them!

It’s hockey season — we’re from Western Canada and my husband is a huge hockey fan. Today he is busy watching the World Cup of Hockey and it has me reflecting on other hockey moments that I have arranged for him over the years.

Darren and Kaitlyn at a hockey game.

Darren and Kaitlyn at a hockey game.

In 2004, the Calgary Flames unexpectedly made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs. We were all very excited and we decided to take the opportunity to purchase season tickets for Darren for Father’s Day (thus giving him the opportunity to also buy tickets to one playoff game!)

He loved getting to attend the playoffs and was terribly disappointed when the hockey players went on strike the following year. In an effort to show his disappointment (erm, teach everyone a lesson?) he gave up his season tickets, not wanting to let them hold his money when they weren’t playing.

Oh gosh… what a mistake! Between the fact that the team made it to the playoffs and the fact that everyone missed the game so much during the strike, the season tickets SOLD OUT when the players went back to work.

Poor Darren *giggle*. Six years on a waiting list before he FINALLY got a chance to purchase season tickets again. Yay! It is still a joke in our household that dad “punished” the NHL for an awfully long time. We’ve giggled at him every year as he slowly crept up the waiting list. But as fun as it was to tease him, I’m glad he’s finally got his tickets and gets to see his favourite sport live and in person!

Make your own hockey buddy craft.

Make your own hockey buddy craft.

If you have any little hockey fans in your household, the hockey buddy is fun to make:

If you are also watching the World Cup of Hockey, you could print the black and white version of the templates and colour your hockey buddy with your national team colours.

Go Canada Go!

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