Hawaiian Cookies in a Jar

Jar Filled With Hawaiian Cookie IngredientsI really enjoyed putting together the jar with all of the Hawaiian themed ingredients! When I was putting it together I was a little bit nervous that my jar wasn’t going to be big enough; in order to calm my nerves I added up the measurements from the recipe and filled the jar up with the sum of the measurements in water. It worked well and I managed to find a jar that would fit all the ingredients almost exactly! To add that extra touch I wrapped tissue paper around the top by tying a piece of wool around a few circles of tissue paper. This is also an excellent way to attach the instruction card that goes along with the craft!

Hawaiian Cookie IngredientsSince this isn’t your average chocolate chip cookie recipe, there are some unusual ingredients like the dates and macadamia nuts that might not be close at hand in a kitchen. By putting the majority of the ingredients in a jar you could present this as a cute little gift for a grandma or mom, and all that would be required to complete the recipe would be a few simple ingredients and an assistant baker of course!

Hawaiian CookiesThe best part of this craft is the final product… The cookies! I had to fight my dad off when it was time to take a picture of the cookies, but I can’t blame him because they smelled really delicious! They tasted delicious too!

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