Roll Kuchen

Roll Kuchen Syrup and WatermelonRoll Kuchen is a scrumptious German pastry that I have had the pleasure of eating since I was a young girl! My grandma and aunty would often make it for my family when we visited them during the summer; it wasn’t until recently that I began to make roll kuchen on my own. Honestly, I couldn’t wait an entire year without roll kuchen and thought it might be a nice idea to learn how to make it. It is absolutely delicious especially in summer with a few slices of watermelon and dipped in syrup!

Roll Kuchen IngredientsThe dough for roll kuchen is pretty easy to make as it doesn’t require any complex ingredients. The only trick is that it is quite sticky, but an easy way to solve that is to add a bit of extra flour to the recipe or use plenty of flour when rolling the dough! I chose to use plenty of flour during the rolling process because I don’t trust myself to add the right amount of extra flour into the actual recipe. Baking is somewhat of a science after all!

Frying_rollkuchenIf you are making this recipe with children it is in your best interest to leave them out of the deep frying process because handling hot oil can be very dangerous if not done with caution. That is the main reason that I have not made this recipe more than twice; before now I had been too young to do this recipe on my own and my parents aren’t as fond of baking as I am! Even now I feel much more comfortable with supervision from my dad once I reach the deep frying stage. Of course my dad is quite willing to lend a hand as long as he gets to enjoy one of his favorite treats of all times!

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