Bath Salts

Bath Salt ContainersThis craft would make an excellent homemade gift for a relative! Some of the ingredients are a bit unusual, like the glycerin or the Epsom salts. They are available at most drugstores but can be a bit tricky to find; I found them in the aisle with the rubbing alcohol. The nice thing about this craft is that you can be creative with the scents and the colours that you add to your salt mixtures! When you’re placing them in the jar you can even layer different colours, and of course tying up a few layers of tissue paper around the jar with a nice ribbon or some wool adds that extra touch for a cute gift!

Scented IngredientsIf you have a nice garden you can pick some scented flowers or herbs to add to your bath salt! Once the leaves of the plants are in the salt for a little while they will become dry and more smelly giving the bath salts a nice scent! When I was scenting my bath salts I used an old perfume in one batch, lavender leaves in another batch and citronella in my last batch. I have to say that the citronella was my favorite because it gave off such a fresh smell, but the leaves were quite large so I cut them up just a bit so they would spread more throughout the batch of bath salts.

Bath Salt Containers with Seashell ScoopersWhen you are adding food colouring to your bath salts you need to make sure not to add too much. I added 4 drops at the most but for blue and red I only added 2 because I didn’t want the food colouring to turn my water (and me) blue when I used my bath salts! I found an old jar of seashells that I had collected at some beaches when I was younger and I carefully dug through them until I found some decent sized shells that would work well for scooping the bath salts into a tub. I can’t wait to gift these cute containers of homemade bath salts to my grandma’s at Christmas time!

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