Thanksgiving Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft

Paper Pumpkin CraftThanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year; it is a chance to visit with friends and family and show them how thankful you are! For me in Canada, thanksgiving has already passed, but in the states it is coming up in about a week! There are some really cute thanksgiving crafts on the website that would be a really good way to get kids involved in the spirit of  thanksgiving. My favourite craft is the paper pumpkin! It is so adorable and would be a perfect centerpiece for your dinner table (or the kids table if that is the case)!

Thanksgiving Dinner Squash Stuffed With SaladA little fact that I didn’t know until about two years ago is that a pumpkin is actually a squash! Autumn is the prime time for squashes, which is probably why my mom uses them in her cooking so much during this time of year. For my thanksgiving dinner she made me a fancy squash and quinoa salad as a turkey substitution (since I’m a vegetarian). There are tons of different and very yummy things that you can do with any kind of squash, my moms favourite is putting them in salad or warming them up  to go with a nice roast!

Pumpkin Patch In Winchester Oregon

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Spending time with family is all part of the thanksgiving spirit so its a good thing that there are a lot of really interesting things you can take part in with your family or friends! My older sister really enjoys going to pumpkin patches with her friends, and this year she got a chance to go to one with her friends from university! She came home for thanksgiving this year and I was very thankful for the chance to see her, but I am also happy that she gets to spend time with her friends during these holidays too!  Another really fun thing that you can participate in is a corn maze! It is a great bonding experience trying to navigate you way through a tricky maze, and it sure does make you thankful for GPS!

Thanksgiving Paper Strip Pumpkin Craft on DLTKs Crafts for Kids

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