El ArcoIt has been a few weeks since my mom or I have made a blog post and there is a perfect explanation for this; we were in Mexico! It was a wonderful family Christmas and a nice warm one at that, back home in Canada it is MUCH colder. We visited El Arco, which is a huge tourist attraction in Los Cabos. We sailed around the Sea of Cortez on a sailboat which was quite an interesting experience, we saw a sea turtle, a few whales, and I think I even saw a shark! the Sea of Cortez is quite deep for how calm the water is so it is privy to many interesting sea creatures.

Airplane In Flight

Source: WikiCommons Photographer: Habib M’henni

Los Cabos is a beautiful region close to the equator and a nice short flight from Calgary! My mom is very good at travelling and has lots of tips! The biggest one that I have learned is to try to get direct flights especially if it is one of your first times flying. Connections can sometimes be pretty tricky especially if you are flying over borders. However, if you can’t manage to get a direct flight try to fly on the same airline for both segments of the trip. This way the airline will be more likely to delay the connection if there was an delay or issue with the first flight. don’t fret regardless because airport staff is always willing to lend a hand when it comes to your flying experience!

El Arco At A Distance And The Sea Of CortezAn interesting fact about many Spanish speaking countries is that they don’t actually exchange Christmas gifts on Christmas day (December 25). Even though they begin their Christmas celebrations on the 24th of December, they actually exchange gifts on January 6th; it is known as Dia de los Reyes Magos! In English it is known as Three Kings Day and the day of celebration that the kids look forward to the most! I think that this is genius because those that don’t enjoy the crazy commotion of Christmas shopping can wait until the new year to buy their presents.,and those with a little more ambition can brave the boxing day madness to save a lot extra on their gifts!

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