Paper Plate Bird Nest

FinishedCraftInGrass_paperplatebirdnestThis paper plate bird nest is very fun to make and looks absolutely adorable when it’s finished! I found that I couldn’t help but grin when I realized how much fun I was having with everything this craft involved. From painting the paper plate (something I have enjoyed ever since I could hold a paint brush) to gluing random pieces of paper and wool to the bottoms of the paper plate, I could never keep the smiles off my face. Pompom BirdsMy favourite part of this craft had to be the pompom birds; not only were they fun to make but they are possibly the most adorable craft ever. I couldn’t stop myself from making more than one bird because I was having so much fun (I also didn’t want my little bird to be all alone)! The nice thing about the pompom birds is that they don’t have to be any specific color or size, so it gives the children a little bit more freedom to express their creative side! The pompom craft is neat because they don’t even have to be birds. For example, you could make a smaller pompom and use it as a fancy bookmark decoration by keeping a long piece of wool hanging off the pompom and tying it to a decorated piece of paper.

Paper Plate MaterialsWhenever I get a chance to do a paper plate craft I always find that I enjoy them a lot. As a kid I used to paint paper plates just for the sake of painting them, which meant that I had a collection of paper plates that didn’t look very interesting. It’s nice that I have found a way to paint them again but in a way that turns out as such a cool craft! There are so many crafts like this on the website but I’d have to say I have enjoyed this one the most because of how cute it is and how fun it was to make the birds!

Paper Plate Bird Nest on DLTK’s Crafts for Kids

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