Animal Cracker Ark

Animal Cracker Ark and MaterialsThis craft is very entertaining to make since there are so many different components; from the cotton ball clouds to the animal cracker animals this craft is a fun way to learn about Noah’s Ark.

Animal Crackers and Noah's ArkI have been planning to make this craft for along time now and about a year ago my dad and I went to buy some animal crackers. I haven’t had Animal Crackers since I was in elementary school and I was pretty excited until he mentioned that I had to finish the craft before I ate them. The craft looked really fun to so I figured I would finish it right away and then I could eat my Animal Crackers, but I always had other things that I had to get done so they would have to wait. Now after a year of waiting, I finally got a chance to make this craft and munch on those yummy biscuits.

Landscape MaterialsMy favorite part of this craft had to be the paint splattering! Even though I am in high school now, things like this are still very entertaining for me. I was worried that it wouldn’t work as well because we didn’t have any old toothbrushes lying around and I didn’t particularly want to use my own to make the cool rain effect. I decided to use a coarse paintbrush instead and it ended up working really well!

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